This time of year we are usually busy doing vendor events & markets…

This time of year, as a small family-run business, we are usually busy doing vendor events & markets. It’s at these places that we have the joy of meeting new people, sharing our story, and selling the unique diffuser jewelry we make.

Because of COVID-19, that’s all changed for us, just as it’s changed things for ALL of us. Now, the best way for us to make connections and meet new people seems to be through social media. Would you support and help us do that by sharing about our business? Whether on FB, Instagram, or a different social media platform, any way you are willing to share about Essential Pendants would be wonderful!

We believe we have a product and a story that could help a lot of people during this time…the hardest part is not being able to tell them about it since we can’t connect with people in person like we used to :-).

Thank you in advance! ~ Laura, Maree, and Emmilee (the “Essential Team”)

P.S. To those of you who have already shared and continue to share about us, thank you!!!!

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