The Wilderness!

THE WILDERNESS. How many of you have experienced it… the remoteness, the lack of distractions, the beauty of God’s creation? It is one of my (Laura’s) favorite vacation spots. My dad first took me to the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota when I was 9. It was the first of many trips there with my dad and family (it is his favorite vacation spot too). In the wilderness, he taught me how to fish (using leeches), how to canoe, how to set up camp, how to hang food packs in the trees away from the bears, how to navigate using a compass and a map (I still haven’t mastered that one), how to filter water from the lake to make it drinkable. It truly was an adventure each time and so memorable! Thank you Dad!

So, when I was working on the Adventure Collection, I knew a painted wilderness scene had to be part of the collection! I’d like to hear what wilderness areas you have visited – and did you enjoy your time there?