The Victoria Collection

The Victoria Collection

As you have probably heard, we have started naming our collections after special people. So, this collection is named after my (Laura’s) oldest daughter, Victoria. Victoria loves wearing Essential Pendant jewelry and has become a helpful hand for me in the business.

There are a lot of neat things I could tell you about Victoria. She has a good attitude and a calm, sweet disposition. She is about as easy-going as it gets. Even though Victoria really enjoys dressing up, you’ll most often find her outside wearing camo and bogs (or barefoot) with a critter in tow. She loves animals, rodents, bugs, snakes, you name it! Some of her other favorites are reading, rollerskating, baking, and being creative.

But, the thing I really appreciate about Victoria is her love for Jesus and desire to live for Him.

Victoria is a blessing to us all!

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