Rest. God has taught me a lot about rest over the past 6 years, ever since having Lyme Disease. And it’s something I think a lot of us have had more experience with over the past few months of being more at home. During my recent trip to Door County I spent a good amount of time resting in my hammock (usually with a guitar :-)). A little while ago I wrote down briefly some lessons that God has taught me about rest through dealing with chronic fatigue. Here they are…

Rest is a blessing. I need not have guilt about resting. God gives us seasons of rest in our lives & we should not feel guilty about those times. God is just as pleased with us when we are in a season of rest He has given us as when we are in a season of busyness & hard work. I am learning to be content whether in times of rest, or times of hard work, or times of busyness.

It is better to enjoy and learn from each season of life than to rebel against, resist, and resent it. This includes seasons of rest.

Times of rest should be not wasted. They should be used to rejuvenate, revive, & restore our body, mind, and soul.

Times of rest should not be a spiritual break; they are rather something we should enjoy as a special opportunity to grow closer to Jesus.

I by no means have all of these lessons down perfectly, but God keeps growing me and teaching me more all the time. I hope what I shared encourages you. May you be blessed with times of rest and enjoy them rather than be discouraged by them! Blessings, Maree ❤️