Happy New Year!

Happy New Year friends! We’ve had a lovely Christmas break & we’re excited to see what God has in store for Essential Pendants in 2021. A few years ago I (Maree) wrote this poem, & I thought it would be fitting to share. I hope it inspires & blesses you!
P.S. the pic in this post is of frost we had adorning our farm a few days ago.
The year has ended,
A new one has come,
The page has turned,
A new chapter has begun.
It’s time to review,
To look on the past,
To examine the time,
That flew by so fast.
As you read through the pages,
Of the year left behind,
What struggles did you face?
What wisdom did you find?
What experiences were new?
What friends did you make?
If you could only save a few,
What memories would you take?
What joys did you have?
What ways did you find laughter?
What blessings did you receive?
And did you give thanks after?
How did you spend your time?
What is written in your story?
Are they things that will last,
Into eternity & heavenly glory?
The pages that are written,
You cannot erase.
Whether it’s time well spent,
Or time that’s been a waste.
In this earthly life,
You are given one book to fill.
Each page represents time,
That you can spend at will.
Do you hold the pen,
And scribble through each day?
Attempting to write your story,
Hoping for a bright ending & happiness
that will stay?
Or do you relinquish the pen,
And entrust it to the Author above?
Who is faithful, just, and wise,
And writes each word with love.
Remember, no two books are alike.
Each is unique in it’s own way.
And if you compare yours to others,
You will only find bitterness and dismay.
No two chapters are alike,
Each is a season of your life.
If you compare one chapter with another,
You are likely to find inner strife.
For each and every being,
There is a story being told.
The way you spend your time.
Will determine how it will unfold.
So consider carefully the New Year,
A chapter just begun,
The pages are now blank.
How will you fill each one?
Written by Maree B.