Aromatherapy? I’m Hooked!

Aromatherapy? I'm Hooked!

Before I started using essential oils, aromatherapy was one of those things that I had little knowledge of; I thought it consisted of burning candles which gave off strong fragrances (not very therapeutic in my opinion). So, when I purchased my first set of essential oils, I wasn't fully aware of the extensive benefits they would bring to me and my family. I had to be educated first. My best resource for learning was my niece, Maree. She pointed me to excellent books and articles she had read, and also shared her favorite ways to use oils - if you have read Maree's story, you'll learn that a diffuser necklace for aromatherapy was one of those ways. It wasn't long before wearing an Essential Pendant™ for aromatherapy soon became part of my daily routine - I was hooked on the benefits! (find Dr. Axe's article on benefits here). 

So, what was my first experience with using essential oils for aromatherapy? It was applying peppermint oil on a diffuser necklace to offset the effects of motion sickness while traveling. I was amazed at how well it worked! I normally couldn't do any activity while traveling - no reading, no using my hands - just looking straight forward... doing... nothing... BORING! I had tried the motion sickness medications, but they didn't help and worse, made me very tired. In contrast, peppermint oil on my diffuser necklace not only helped keep nausea at bay, but it also made me feel energized and awake. The best part was that I was able to do things while traveling and I was able to help my kids who also suffer from motion sickness! Now, I carry peppermint oil and a spare necklace (in case one of us forgets to wear ours) in my purse.

Here's what works for us: a drop of peppermint on an Essential Pendant™ every half-hour to hour (very strong). We wear the pendant as close to our nose as we can (a benefit of the leather cording - adjustable length! See an example here)

I encourage anyone who gets motion sickness to try the aromatherapy benefits of peppermint!

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