About Us


Laura- Designer, Graphic Artist

I'm a wife, homeschool mom, gardener, and artist. I enjoy good, old-fashioned cooking. Those who know me well would say that I ALWAYS have a coffee in hand, I ALWAYS stay up too late, and I ALWAYS have some sort of creative project in the works.

Maree- Designer, Photographer

When I'm not conspiring up new pendant designs or trying to find the end of my to do list, you will most likely find me outdoors enjoying God's creation- on the back of a horse. I'm a health nut, gourmet cook, & avid reader of old books.

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Emmilee- Office Manager

I love having a clean desk, eating chocolate chip ice-cream, learning sign language, and riding four-wheelers on wooded paths. You will often find my beloved English Shepherd, Kolbee, sleeping under my desk while I work.


LauraMaree Essential Pendants began in 2016 when Maree, our company founder (pictured above with her beloved horse Sierra), discovered that the benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy could help her deal with the symptoms of Lyme Disease. After exploring the concept of diffuser jewelry, her passion for artistic beauty and the natural lifestyle gave her a desire to create her own earthenware pendants to wear on a daily basis.

Maree soon teamed up with her aunt (Laura) and they began sculpting, painting, and kiln-firing pendants. Both Maree's and Laura's families are now part of the Essential Pendants team and work together out of their homes in rural Iowa.

Our company mission is to bring you artistic beauty and the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils through quality kiln-fired diffuser jewelry. For our families, the benefits of wearing Essential Pendants for aromatherapy has been life changing, and we want the same for you. We are Jewelry With a Purpose!

If you want to read more about Maree and how Lyme Disease led her to start LauraMaree Essential Pendants, go to https://essentialpendants.com/marees-testimony/